Environmental Radiations

Background material

This course is based on an Eötvös University textbook.
From this, chapters
would be of interest in this class. Furthermore, these documents may be useful:

Course setup

In the first 3-4 weeks, we discuss the theoretical background and the measurement details. Then we tart the measurement, writing a short test before each measurement (just about the measurement of the day). There are four measurements, but these take each four hours instead of two. After each measurement, each group member shall write a lab report individually, based on her/his own data. The final note is based on the mid-course test result and the lab report evalulation.
Lab test and report results will be indicated at http://atomlab.elte.hu/envrad. Please check this page carefully.


All measurements start at 10:00 (except for special arrangements for a given occasion) with a short test.

Sound propagation and attenuation (SND)

Location of the measurement, contact:
Northern building 4.118 (4th floor)
Koushik Mandal (koushik.mandal at ttk.elte.hu)

Short description:
The goals of this lab are to recall our basic physical knowledge in the field of acoustics, and, by some simple measurements, to gain introspection into the challenge of measuring sound parameters. The tasks to perform are assembled such that we get to know a simple handheld sound measuring device. We will follow the limits of our measuring possibilities, and by asking and answering some interesting questions we will be more acquainted with the not in the least easy field of acoustics.

Low-frequency fields of houshold devices, electrosmog (ESM)

Location of the measurement, contact:
Northern building 4.114 (4th floor)
Ayon Mukherjee (ayon.mukherjee at ttk.elte.hu)

Short description:
In this measurement we will acquaint ourselves with electromagnetic (EM) fields and the measurement of these; by measuring the EM field emitted by some common household devices.

Microwave electromagnetic radiation of household devices (MIC)

Location of the measurement, contact:
Northern building 0.123A (ground floor)
Dániel Kincsese (kincses at ttk.elte.hu)

Short description:
This measurement deals with everyday electromagnetic microwave devices, for example mobile phones. We will measure the intensity of the electromagnetic radiation of a mobile phone at various distances, and determine its power.

Environmental radioactivity (ERD)

Location of the measurement, contact:
Northern building 0.123 (ground floor)
Gábor Galgóczi (gaborgalgoczi AT gmail.com)

Short description:
In this lab we measure the radioactivity of various natural sources: minerals from the mineral museum. We compare various sources and analyze the distance dependence of their dose, and determine their radiation power from this.

Groups (2021 Fall semester)

GroupOct. 18. Oct. 25. Nov. 8. Nov. 15. Nov. 22. Nov. 29. Dec. 6. Dec. 13. Members
Máté Csanád
Sun, November 07, 2021