Some practical information


See the weather in Budapest and some forecast under Yahoo or the Hungarian Society for Meteorolgy


The current official rates at the Hugarian National Bank are on the web.
You can exchange money at the railway stations or in banks, and there are numerous ATMs,
where you can access your money with a bankcard. There is one for example at the entrance of KFKI.

Transport information

By car

See this page.


If you choose a Taxi, please, be careful, and look or ask for the price.
It should be around 200-300 Ft basic charge +200-300 Ft / km
Some phone numbers:
6x6 Taxi+36-1-2666666
Buda Taxi+36-1-2333333
City Taxi+36-1-2111111
Taxi 2000+36-1-2000000
Tele5 Taxi+36-1-3555555

Public Transport

To see how to reach the university campus, look at this link.
To see how to reach the KFKI, look at this link.
Bus and tram lines are described at the web page of BKV , the city lines of Budapest.
Otherwise, just use Google Maps or Map24.